Prism Portal Guide

Prism Portal Guide

Managing your CSP Program through Prism Portal


This guide provides a basic overview of how to manage your CSP Program through Prime Portal.


Access Prism Portal


  • Once log in, you should see as image below the main dashboard of your prism portal


Manage your Microsoft CSP Program

To manage your CSP program select the “Product” icon on the left hand navigation. Ensure to click “Manage” on the CSP icon to view your program detail


Creating a new tenant

Function to create new tenant for a customer that is new to Office 365.


Click on "Create new Tenant" and fill out the order form with your client's company information, providing a primary contact within the end client company

  • Ensure to select the correct country for your client as this determines which data center the series are provisioned from
  • Click on "Create tenant" to continue onto next stage for product selection

Product Selection

  • Here you can select the products you would like to provision for your client
  • You can either key in the quantity directly or adjust the quantity using the up and down arrows


Order Overview

  • Using the overview section on the right, confirm the selected products and associated quantity.
  • Click on "Submit Order" to provision the tenant and purchase the product


Creating a new tenant for an existing Prism Customer

This will show Customers in Prism Portal who do not already have a CSP Tenant associated with them.


Manage an existing CSP Tenant

Used to manage the licenses of a customer with a rhipe CSP Office 365 subscription.

Managing the licenses of a tenant originally procured through rhipe CSP Program or transition into CSP has never been easier

Select your Customer

  • From the "manage existing tenant", select drop down menu to select your customer
  • Once the customer has been selected, click on "manage"

Amend the subscription as needed

  • Increase or decrease the quantity of products as needed
  • Confirm the quantities are correct in the overview section, click on "Submit Order"

Order Processing

  • Once the order has been submitted, you will see the status of the order through the notification icon 


Transition Tenant

Create new customer to transfer over their existing Office 365 subscription

  • Used when a customer has an existing Office 365 subscription through EA,Open Advisor, or purchased directly through Microsoft. This will allow you to sell license under CSP Program


Price List

You can view your Price List by selecting the price list icon when you are in your Microsoft CSP Program page.


Customer Management

Creating a new tenant requires you to create a Customer record in Prism Portal. You can view all your customer's in the "Customer Management" section on the left-hand navigation pane.



You can now view your invoices in Prism portal. On the left-hand navigation pane, select on "Invoices"


Support Contact Details

If you navigate from the left-hand navigation panel, select on "Support" you will see a list of contact number according to their country and ISV programs

Client ID& Client Secret for API

Prism allows you to create Client ID and Client Secret by yourself in the portal. On the left-hand navigation pane, select on "Customer Management", Select on your own company profile, and select "manage client credentials" and generate.


MCA Agreement 

Starting November 7, 2018, you'll need to confirm that a customer has accepted the Microsoft Cloud Agreement by providing information about the person who signed it. See for more details.

From the left-hand navigation pane > Select on Programs > Microsoft CSP > Manage Existing Tenants > Select on the customer that you would like to update the details.

This page will appear and you can update the information and select on Confirm. You may download a copy of the MCA agreement from the page to provide to your customer if they have not read & sign off the agreement from the portal or navigate to for a downloadable copy


Annual Order renewal subscription

For all annual orders, Prism now allows you to continue renewal without contacting CSP support team. If you have a customer with annual orders and would like to continue the renewal of the subscription, Select on manage.

The red frame will inform you when is the renewal date due. If your customer confirms that they are going to continue renewal, please click "Renew Subscription" 

[Example Image]

You will receive a notification as below once you click on "Renew Subscription" in the portal.[Example Image]

*If the customer does not want to renew the annual subscription, you do not need to perform this action and let the annual subscription suspend itself when it hits the due date.




To get support for Prime Portal contact : 

1300 303 520





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