Office 365 (Outlook 2016 for Mac) - Configure Outlook 2021 for Mac

Office 365 (Outlook 2016 for Mac) - Configure Outlook 2021 for Mac

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Configure Outlook 2016 for Mac

Warning: Before proceeding, make sure you have updated Outlook to the latest version (patch) currently available. If you do not update Outlook before proceeding, the potential exists that you will be unable to configure your account to Office 365 (you will receive an error during the configuration process).

Important: In addition to configuring your NetID account, this document also contains instructions on how to configure a Service Account. The recommended configuration for Service Accounts within Outlook is to have the Service Account linked to your NetID account and then to use the delegation feature to interact with the Service Account.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac uses profiles to manage your accounts within Outlook.

  1. You have three options on configuring your Outlook profile:
    Option 1: First time user of Outlook (no existing profile).
    Launch Outlook to start the account creation wizard. Click the Exchange or Office 365 account option. Proceed to step 2.
    Option 2: Create a new profile.
    Make sure Outlook is not running.
    1. Follow these steps to create a new profile.
    2. Proceed to step 2.
    Option 3: Add your account to an existing profile.
    Launch Outlook 2016 for Mac.
    1. Go to "Tools" menu and click the Accounts selection.
    2. Select Exchange... from the
      menu selection located at the bottom left corner of the 'Accounts' screen.
    3. Proceed to step 2.
  2. On the Auto Account Setup window, enter the following for each field:
    • Email Address: -
      • NetID Account: Enter the primary address of your NetID account which will take one of the following forms: or or
      • Service Account: Enter the primary address of your Service account which will take one of the following forms:

      Note: if you don't know whether you are attempting to configuring a NetID account or a Service account, please contact your domain administrator or the DoIT HelpDesk.

    • Method: User Name and Password
    • Username
    • Password: Enter the password of the account you are configuring.

      Note: If you are configuring a service account, a password is required. If you do not know the password of the service account you are configuring, contact your domain administrator.

    • Ensure Configure Automatically is checked.

Important: The 'User name' field may be pre-populated with your email address you entered the previous step. You must make sure this address is changed to the format required in this step.

Note: for further server/account details, see - Office 365 - Server and Account Configuration Settings.


3. Click Add Account

Please note: If you receive an error message that your account is unable to be auto-configured, please make sure that your Outlook client is fully updated to the newest version (patch) currently available. 

If this is your first time setting up this client: You may receive the following notification:

Click Activate and follow the instructions using your NetID to login when asked to activate the software.


4. A summary will be displayed upon successfully account configuration.

5. Modify the account description field to something more descriptive; such as your name.

6. Close the Accounts window to start using Outlook.


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