Create a User Account

Create a User Account

As the Office 365 Admin , you are able to create user account or edit user account , assign licenses to user and set a user with administrative rights. You are also able to delete account if it is no longer in used. Admin Center only applicable for those who are assign with the role


Creating user individually

1. Sign in to Office 365 with your admin account

2. Click on the app launcher icon on the top left , and choose the "Admin" option


Select the app launcher, and then select the Admin tile

3. Choose Users > Active Users > Choose the + as show in the image below


Click the plus sign on the dashboard




Then the Create a new user account page is displayed, as shown in the following figure


An image of the create a new user account page



4. On the page , enter a display name and a Username. The Username is the credential which the user will be using to sign in to Office 365


5. You may choose the "onmicrosoft" domain which comes with Office 365 or you may use the existing domain (if you added it)

 Select a domain from the drop down box.


6. By default Office 365 will auto generates a new password for the user.  However , there will be another option for you to create a set of password , by clicking on "Type Password" and create a strong password twice to meet the criteria as per shown in the following image below

Shows the password requirements if you type a password

Initial password is always temporary , the user will require to change it within 90 days.

You also can set the user to change the password when they first sign on to Office 365, Choose option "Make this user change their password with Outlook App on next login". When they sign in to Office 365 for first time , it will prompt to have their password changed immediately.


7. In the "Email Password to the following receipients" Box, you may also input email addresses of the people you would like to have them receive a copy of this user's account information.

If you want this user to receive a copy of this email, ensute you enter a valid email address which the user currently has access to it. DO NOT send the email to their new Office 365 email address because they will not able retrieve it yet


By Default , your email will be added in because you are the admin, however you will have the option to remote it if you want.

You can input up to 5 email addresses by seperated by semi-colons, as show in the following image 


Shows how to enter more than one email address separated by semi-colon


8. Choose "Create" to create the Account and close the wizard


Add Users By Bulk in Office 365


You can add bulk users by using a plain text CSV file which you have created in Excel


1. Go to admin center Office 365, go to Dashboard > Users > Active Users

Click on "Bulk Users" icon next to the + sign


2. Upload your CSV file accordingly and click on Next Button and continue the following according to the Wizard window


3.Under "Setting" page, you may choose to allow the user to sign in immediately and use the access OR you can choose to block them , such as adding users before their start date of the organization.

4. You may follow accordingly to the Wizard window upon completion of adding users in Bulk





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