Activate your Partner Center for delegated administration

Activate your Partner Center for delegated administration

Partner Center is the Microsoft tool which allows you to manage your customer tenancies without logging in and out, and using various Global Administrator credentials. Partner Center allows you delegated access via your own Office 365 login and Singe Sign-On (SSO).

How do I check if Partner Center is activated on my tenant?

The simple test is to go into your own Office 365 tenant, and check the groups. If there is a group called 'Admin Agents' then Partner Center is already active. Make sure you add your own account to this group plus any other technical support staff accounts, and the 'Partner' tile will be available via on those accounts shortly afterwards.

If you do not have this user group, please proceed with the signup instructions below.

I do not have Partner Admin Center:

If you do not have Partner Center, please sign up via after confirming you have the following prerequisite details:

  • Your own Office 365 tenancy, and access to an account with Global Admin credentials;
  • A current and valid Microsoft Partner Network agreement (MPN ID), and the credentials to sign into that;
  • Your organisation's legal business name, address, primary contact, and support details.

Once you have signed up and linked your MPN agreement, Microsoft takes up to 72 hours to review and either approve or deny your application.

I am signed up as an Indirect Reseller, what next?

You will need to add your relationship into all your customer tenancies. This allows the Delegated Admin Permission through to your Partner Center.

In Partner Center, go to Dashboard > Customers. At the top of the page is a link 'Request Reseller Relationship'. Click on that, and review the prewritten email. Copy the URL listed to clipboard, and we suggest adding that as a bookmark in your bookmarks toolbar.

Open an Incognito/Private browser session, and click on the bookmark in the toolbar. Sign in as your customer's Global Admin account, and approve the relationship. You can check you are listed within your Customer's Office 365 Admin Center under Settings > Partner Relationships. If it is, you can simply close the browser to end that Private Session.

Once you refresh the Partner Center customer list, you should see your customer tenant now. Repeat the above process for all your customer tenancies. 

How do I associate with rhipe as my Indirect Provider?

At the current time, this causes a number of issues for partners, including blocking ordering on your own tenant from rhipe. This is due to the Microsoft Indirect Reseller agreement which states you cannot purchase licensing for your own tenant from rhipe once you are an Indirect Reseller of rhipe. We do not recommend associating with rhipe as an Indirect Provider for this reason, but we will provide compliant license agreements in the future to allow this.

If you require the Indirect Provider association for another reason, please check with the support team first via a ticket or calling us via your local support number.

I am having issues in signing up as an Indirect Reseller:

Microsoft provides access to Partner Center as a benefit of your membership of the Microsoft Partner Network. In this case, rhipe is unable to assist as we are a third party between this contract arrangement between your organisation and Microsoft. 

We suggest that you open a case via the methods described in Raising a Partner Support case with Microsoft knowledge article. Remember to open a case online, get a case number, then call the phone number provided for your region to follow up.


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